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Soft Dots

Please fill out our waiver before you come in and play! 

Parties can be booked online or in person!

EXPLORE TIME: you may walk in and pay at the door or book online!

All Steam Power Parties Include
*New Party Packages Only
  • Party planner and party assistant to help you through the entire process

  • Setup and cleanup of your exclusive party room decorated with Steam Power’s “festive” birthday theme for decorations, party banners and paper goods

  • Paper products and utensils for kids and adults 

  • Birthday star gets a complementary Steam Power day pass for the birthday star for a free future visit, goodie bag and T-shirt!

Deposit Details

Pay half at check out and the rest is due 24 hours before the party. Steam Power will send you an invoice with a due date that you can pay the remainder of the party anytime from the time your book until 24 hours before the party!